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    Submarine Squadron 11, commanded by Capt. Gene Doyle, consists of four Los Angeles-class fast attack nuclear powered submarines:
    USS San Francisco (SSN 711), USS Pasadena (SSN 752), USS Alexandria (SSN 757), and USS Hampton (SSN 767). Submarine Squadron 11 is also home to the floating dry dock ARCO (ARDM 5) and Undersea Rescue Command. The squadron staff is responsible for providing training, material and personnel readiness support for all units. Submarine Squadron 11 is located on Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, Calif.


    Submarine Squadron 11 was commissioned July 1, 1986, aboard her flagship, USS McKee (AS 41), at Naval Base Point Loma, as a result of reorganization of Commander, Submarine Group 5. Capt. W.L. Hicks was assigned as the first squadron commander.

    Squadron 11 Personnel and Mission Operability

    Submarine Squadron 11 has evolved through the years and now has submarines which represent some of the most capable attack submarines in the world. More than 60 officers and 500 enlisted personnel, overseen by the squadron staff of approximately 25 officers and 50 enlisted personnel, man Squadron 11 units.

    Submarine Squadron 11 units maintain a very aggressive operational schedule, including training and operations with other ships in the Southern California operating area, independent operations to enhance readiness and deployments to the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf. Their missions include anti-submarine, anti-surface, strike, special and mine warfare, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The submarine community is a small force with a big impact and unique capabilities for any operational commander.




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